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Pets are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.

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About us

    Each pet and pet owner has a unique relationship that some will never comprehend or understand.  At Pet After Life Services NW (, we have this same bond with our pets, and we will assist and guide you through the process of dealing with the loss of your cat, dog or other pet.  

    We will help you from start to finish in a manner which honors and respects your cherished family member and provides comfort to you and your family. 

    Pet After Life Services NW is a pet care only company that provides dog, cat and other pet cremation and memorial services customized to meet the needs of each pet lover.  Your beloved friend will be cared for with dignity, respect and love by Pet After Life Services NW only. We have the most modern cremation equipment and never sub-contract any of our services.

    As the last people to care for your best friend, our goal is to ensure you are comfortable throughout the entire process, you are able to make informed decisions based on honest information and your best friend is being cared for in the most kind, loving, respectful and professional manner.  


Pet After Life Services NW

Caring for pets … Comforting people

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